We serve traditional and a la carte food in our beautiful newly refurbished premises 6 days a week, please see our menu below. We serve our £7.50 lunch specials from 12 – 5pm every Tuesday to Saturday and our Sunday lunches are legendary! They are served every Sunday with a selection of 4 carvery roasts of pork, beef, gammon and turkey plus a selection of 20 items from our specials chalkboard for your enjoyment. We also have both vegetarian and celiac friendly chalkboards with great dishes available every day.


Cicchetti Pronounced chi-ket-tea are medium sized dishes in ciachetti Bars Venice
You can make a meal of them by ordering several plates which can be shared between friends
All dishes are freshly prepared they will be served as soon as they are ready and may not arrive together
To experience our Cicchetti Menu we suggest 4-5 dishes between 2 people.

(This is the menu specially designed for our area outside)

Calamari – classic salt and pepper fried squid £5.50

Selection of mixed Antipasti Meats and fresh Italian mozzarella
For one £5.00 to share £8.00

Garlic Bread– oven baked with garlic and tomato £4.20
And cheese £1.00

Bread and Olives – £4.20

Caprese Salad
Buffalo Mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and basil and Add San Daniele Parma Ham £4.90 £2.00 Extra

Lobster Ravioli
Tender pieces of lobster Meat and Ricotta cheese pasta parcels in a light truffle oil butter £7.50

American Meatballs
In a mascarpone sauce with bread sticks £6.50

Chicken Milanese with a drizzle of pesto dressing
Pan fried with bread crumbs and named after the city of Milano £6.20

Homemade dirty chips
Triple cooked chips encased in tomato mascarpone sauce served with melted cheese £5.00



Warm oven baked garlic red onion mozzarella cheese bread-£6.50

Gate Platter-£10.00(ideal to share)
Sundried tomatoes, olives, red onion marmalade chutney, Parma ham and rustic bread and a little gate magic

Slow Roasted Fat Ginger Pig-£5.00
Crisp crackling with an apple dip pot or garlic mayonnaise

Garlic Mushrooms-£5.00
Served with warm bread, Ask your partner first or no kisses for you

Bantry Bay Mussels-£10.00
With white wine and garlic sauce and warm bread

Wholetail breaded Scampi-£6.95
With tartar sauce

Halloumi Chips-£6.50
With garlic mayonnaise

Sea Tower-£7.95
Layers of crab meat, avocado, succulent prawns, sliced beef tomatoes mixed seasonal leaves and drizzled with cherry tomatoes and Marie rose dressing

Beer Battered Strawberry Brie-£6.75
Encased in beer batter served with a crisp salad

Homemade Brussels Pate-£5.00
Served with rustic warm bread and chefs’ chutney

Duck Liver and Gin Pate-£5.50
Served with chilli marmalade tossed salad and toasted bread

Good Old-Fashioned Prawn Cocktail-£7.00
With a Sutton twist served with bread and butter

Onion Ring Basket– £3.95
Hand beer battered onion rings served with a garlic mayonnaise

Pigs in Blankets– £6.50
Served with cranberry sauce and chef garnish

Grill Selection

8oz Ultimate Wagu Steak– £25.00
(please pre-order and ask our waitresses about ultimate steak)

Hand Cut Gammon Steak– £11.95
Served with salad and triple cooked chips with double egg or pan-fried pineapple

The Ultimate Meat Feast (please pre-order)- £24.50
Gammon steak, Rump steak, plump chicken, sausage, black pudding, lamb’s liver and pork lion chop. Pan fried mushrooms, baked cherry tomatoes, beer battered onion rings, crisp salad triple cooked chips.

Aged fillet Steak– £25.00
With sautéed button mushrooms, baked cherry tomatoes, and triple cooked fat chips

8oz Rib eye Steak Garni– £17.95
Served with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes crisps salad and triple cooked chips

Stuffed Chicken Supreme (ala chris)- £14.75
8oz Chicken Breast stuffed with sunblush potatoes and goats’ cheese and sat in a mascarpone cream sauce

Homemade Burgers

8oz fresh minced steak
Sutton Burgers £12.00
Cheese Burgers £13.50
Chilli Cheese Burgers £13.50
Halloumi Burger £14.50
Want it Dirtier
Fried egg, red Leicester creamy stilton, streaky bacon grilled Halloumi
Add on for £3.75 extra

Platter Boards

Tasting Board– £20.00
Beef and bourbon American Meatball, salt and pepper calamari with aioli stuffed beef filled yorkies, sticky chicken chef style and garlic bread

Deluxe Ploughman’s Platte-£20.00
A selection of cheese from around the world, Ploughman’s Pickle, Boiled eggs, Pickled Onion, Pork Pie, York Ham and crusty bread and The Gate Magic

Ultimate half rack of ribs – £17.50
Half a full a full rack marinated in BBQ or Volcano Chilli sauce served with triple cooked chips and beer battered onion rings. Ideal to share


Funky Pie – £14.00
Crisp basket filled with vegetables in an arrabbiata sauce baked and topped with goat cheese

Lambs liver and Bacon £13.00
In a rich red onion gravy sat on mash

Cornbeef Pie – £12.00
Caramelised red onion and brown sauce pie served with Yorkshire caviar (mushy peas)

Cottage Pie – £12.00
With potato cheese crust served with triple cooked fat chips and garden or mushy peas

Sutton Pie (Please ask about waiting times)- £14.00
Traditional beef cooked 4 hours with a selection of potatoes and vegetables in a rich gravy served with triple cooked chips and garden or mushy peas.
Please pre-order or ask for availability as it does take 30/40mins to cook but it is a pie lover’s dream

Chicken Devine– £12.00
Chicken and sweetcorn in a very very mild curry cream sauce with a roasted crust served with fat chips and garden peas

Teriyaki Salmon – £14.75
Fresh salmon served on a stir fry of vegetables glazed with teriyaki sauce

Home Roasted Ham– £10.00
York ham served with triple cooked fat chips and two sunny eggs

Scampi in a basket – £11.50
Wholetail Breaded Scampi with fat chips and garden or mushy peas

4 egg omelettes – all served with a salad
Ham and cheddar cheese £10.00
Atlantic Prawn and feta £13.00
Cheese, Red Onion and Spinach £12.00

Fresh loch Salmon with king prawn salad – £14.50
Served with Potatoes, crisp salad and watercress

Chicken Caesar Salad Gate Style – £12.00
A plump 8oz chicken breast sat in a gate magic salad with dressing

Fresh Salmon Salad– £13.75
Served with a dressing of delight (CUCUMBER AND MINT) Dressing sat on a crisp salad

Sticky Chicken – £14.75
Our chefs special battered. Chicken strips encased in a spicy sweet chilli sauce served with a rice it is amazing

Beer Battered Fresh Scampi– £14.75
Fresh scampi crisp beer batter served with tartar sauce and Yorkshire caviar and triple cooked chips

Haddock Goujons– £12.00
Strips of fresh haddock encased in a beer batter served with tartar sauce and triple cooked chips

Deep dish homemade lasagne– £12.50
Served with crisp salad or garlic bread

Crispy Deep-fried Whitebait– £10.00
Sat on a salad with tartar sauce and chefs’ lemon dressing

Authentic Jerk Chicken-£14.50
Jamaican marinade chicken, spicy and dash of soy and served with coconut basmati rice

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – £14.50
The ultimate chicken experience tender half chicken with rich chicken dripping gravy with sausage meat stuffing and seasonal vegetables and mash

Extras-All £3.00 each
Truffle Mash
Crisp green salad
Roasted Med style Vegetables
Triple cooked chips
Pan fried garlic mushrooms
Four cheese Mash Pots
Firecracker Peas
Beer Battered Onion Rings

Sauces-All £3.00 each
Diane Sauce
Pepper and Brandy
Hollandaise Sauce
Stilton Sauce
Bordelaise Sauce
Bearnaise Sauce

Children’s Menu

All £5.95

Homemade fish fingers with garden peas or beans and fat chips

Pasta dish of the day

Chicken goujons with garden peas or beans with fat chips

Wholetail breaded scampi with garden peas or beans with fat chips

Chicken supreme with peas and mash and rich gravy

Bangers and Mash with garden peas

Italian style pizza Margarita

Meat Balls in tomato sauce served with fat chips

We are now taking bookings for are Christmas Booking please ask at the bar

We are serving our special board menu from 12-5pm Tuesday to Saturday £7.50

Sunday Lunch Carvery served all day Sunday:
Beef, Pork, Turkey, Gammon with fresh vegetables and homemade yorkies

Please ask about al fresco dining experience

Four legged friends allowed in the bar area and outside eating area


The Bible according to Chris:

We are not a fast food restaurant we serve good food cooked fresh as fast as we can. During our busy times there will be a waiting time, but one thing we can guarantee is that it will be worth the wait!