Christmas In Our Winter Wonderland

Christmas in the Winter Wonderland Lunch and Dinner


Duo soup – winter vegetables and Rudolph’s cherry tomato soup served with warm bread and butter

Plump Atlantic Prawns with chef’s marie rose sauce and lemon twist Extra £2.50

Wild duck and Prosecco pate with apple and pear chutney and rustic bread

Halloumi chips served with crisps salad and a choice of garlic mayo or red pepper dressing

Garlic mushroom cup oven baked served with rustic bread with a camembert crust

Rustic garlic and cherry tomato red onion cheese bread

Baked stilton mushroom sat on a crisp leaf with wholegrain mustard dressing

Yorkshire Pudding with pigs in blankets served with a pool of rich gravy


Roast Turkey with seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and stuffing with rich gravy

Baked Cod with cheese and horseradish crust sat on a crust potato and broccoli. Sat on a pool of cream and chive sauce

Slow roast leg of Lamb sat on a bed of mash with seasonal vegetables, served with a mint and cranberry gravy

Chicken with mild mushroom and stilton sauce served with rice

Steak and vegetable Pie served with fat chunky chips and garden peas and rich gravy

Wholetail scampi and whitebait platter served with twice cooked chips and garden peas

Chicken and mushroom pie with shortcrust pastry served with twice cooked chips and peas

Slow roast braised steak chasseur sat on mash with winter vegetables Extra £2.50

Chicken in brandy mushroom sauce served with rice

Poached cod with mornay sauce and prawn crust, sat on a crisp salad with warm buttered vegetables

Oven baked crisps belly pork with cider sauce. Sat on a mash with winter vegetables Extra £2.50

Katie and Sidney Pie served with fat chips twice cooked chips and garden peas and rich gravy

Green wellington a selection of fresh vegetables is a mornay sauce encased is puff pastry served with potatoes and vegetable gravy boat Extra £2.50

Fresh salmon with lemon and chive butter, served with crisp salad and potatoes

Tri Pepper omelette with goats’ cheese, served with a full salad and new potatoes

Simply Divine Hot and Cold Desserts

£25.00 per person

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